Friday, 27 April 2012

Twelve years in

Yesterday Holly and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary.  As someone famously once said (and then got a bollocking for) that's longer than a dog's life.  I recently did some online 'when will you die' type thing - by which I have another 56 years with Holly (I die first apparently).  I die at age 86, they said.  I'll take that.

I woke my beloved with some Eggs Benedict and Bucks Fizz - doing what I like to call 'the romance'.  

Poached eggs - I worked that shit

The 26 April has been a much anticpated day for me - of course primarily becuase of the anniversary celebrations, but it also just happened to be the day of release of The Avengers (I refuse to call it by the retarded name it's been given over here).  Superheroes under the direction of the genius of Joss Whedon - surely the most awesomest cinematic experience ever. Suffice to say I hyped it up in my head slightly.

By some miracle I persuaded Holly, that we should see it on that very day.  Now I do hate the vocabulary of the modern yoof, but - OMG and even some LOL.  Best film ever?  Certainly best 'summer blockbuster' ever.  I need to see it again, soon. It has, however, gone through another pointless 3D conversion.


We assembled, they avenged

After coming out the cinema we had a wander around the shops in Seven Dials, well, Holly shopped and I staggered around struggling to focus after having my mind blown by Nick Fury's crew.

We then went to the very hyped Meat Liquor - a burger restaurant near Bond Street.  By very hyped I mean we had to queue for 45 mins to get in (far too cool for bookings).

Holly and food - two of my favourite things

Double burgers, deep fried gherkins and chilli cheese fries - very romantic it was too.  How good was it?  Very, but would I queue again? prob not.  Quite resonably priced unless you go ape on the cocktails - we drank two of their 'House Grog' which is all they'll let you order as they're quite potent.

...and meat

On getting home my latest running kit order had arrived - so I had to try on my new gear.

My new passport photo

That's right - I am going to kick it, old skool.  But for now, rest until a long run on Sunday.  Toodles.

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