Sunday, 22 April 2012

Running on pie

I have taken to running, Holly has taken to fuelling me with pie.  Except I tend to eat so much I can't then run, or even move.

Here are a selection of her creations to date.  I admit, unless you get to eat them, this is not all that interesting.  But I refuse to let this blog be soley about the race that's taking over my life.

Beef and stilton, it rocked my world

Steak and ale. Beer in a pie.

Fish.  Nearly the end of me

Canoodle - it's a pud pie

Holly's favourite part - slicing the dead bird up

Surfer's pie - today's special in the making

Holly wishes to point out she can cook things other than pie (pasties, struddles, tarts...).

In other news, banged out 21 miles yesterday and felt a whole world of worse than after last week's run which was ten miles longer.  Not very encouraging, but I am putting it down to eating and drinking bugger all.

And in another attempt to spread the word of my charitable nature, another tiny bit of publicity:

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