Monday, 2 April 2012

Celebrations and pies

I meant to blog yesterday, but I was struck down with a most debilitating hangover, which I then exacerbated by consuming three tonnes of fish pie and not being able move nor sleep for much of last night.

On Saturday we were at a dinner to celebrate our Squadron Warrant Officer, Phil Wright's 40th anniversary of joining the Squadron.  It was nice to catch up with some friends we don't see that often these days.  This resulted in me binning my plans for climbing on Sunday, a wise decision as I spent most of the day in bed.  I got up in time for Holly's soon-to-be-famous fish pie which kinda finished me off.  Then there was pear and chocolate pie for pud.

Death by fish

In other, more encouraging, news I went for a 19 mile run on Saturday with seemingly no ill effects (and even the booze doesn't seem to have ruined my recovery as I am not aching at all).  I was out for three hours and 15 minutes and I didn't eat at all or drink much (which no doubt contributed to aforementioned hangover).

Climbing wise, after the initial post-Norway disastrous performance, thing seem to be on the way back up.  Hopefully I'll be up to a decent session tomorrow.

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