Sunday, 20 January 2013

Workout of the day

When the ice climber cannot climb ice, the ice climber sweeps snow.


...and like alchemy, the snow was transformed

In other news, after six months, we finally worked out how to use our living room fire.  Below, behold the dullest photo this blog has yet experienced:

Big up (oh, yes) to Gran who was 90 this week.  Alas the 'adverse weather' has meant postponing her party for two weeks.  Just as well as we were taking her there and the car battery was dead yesterday morning.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


So far, this year has been moderately active, with running most lunchtimes, and I have eaten pretty well.  I have sorted my workplace feeding out and am on fruit for breakfast and a massive salad for lunch.  Snacking in the evening is down, not eliminated (Holly made cookies), but is reasonable.  I must be losing weight.  Trousers are still tight.

I am now on day three of the Insanity Workout.  Insanity is one of these very commercially successful conditioning programs, in this case 60 days.  It’s very, erm, American.  I am usually not keen on these types of things, but for me at this time of terrible fitness it might be just what I need.  It also doesn’t require any equipment which is great for doing it at home.  It in itself is nothing special but Shaun T does make you push yourself and it gives structure to training.  60 days to a new me.  We will see.  After only a couple of sessions, I am inclined to believe it! 

It’s true what they say – the warm up is quite enough on its own.  Yesterday I was supposed to do sets of burpees and press-ups but by that point I couldn’t even do a press up, despite not having done any yet (if that makes any sense at all).  Today I was supposed to climb too but after failing to get up in time to do Insanity before work, I just couldn’t face climbing after work and then still having Insanity to do.  I must climb mid-week, yet also must do Insanity.  I think I may put the videos on my phone and do it in the basement at lunchtime and just suffer the weird looks I’ll get. 

As Shaun T would say “c’mon ya’ll, DIG DEEPER”.

Shaun T in all his glory

Saturday, 5 January 2013


2012 passed in a bit of blur and it was both a tremendous and disastrous year.

A quick summary of the year would be:
crap Norway trip > lots of running > Olympics and shifts > house buying > house DIY > got lazy > built a climbing wall > got lazier > broke wrist

The tremendous bits were:
·         I pulled off being a best-man and the speech, I am told, was okay
·         I ran 127.5 miles in one go
·         I actually enjoyed work for a change in the lead up to and during the Olympics
·         The Games were chuffing brilliant and I got into them even more than I expected despite not actually going there
·         We finally bought a house and it is bloody nice
·         I got half decent at DIY, decorated a house and built a pretty good climbing wall
·         The climbing wall has laid the foundations for future training
·         I got to liking whisky.

The disastrous bits were:
·         Norway was a big disappointment
·         The running>Games>house>DIY meant I did next to no climbing (no actual rock at all in fact)
·         I failed to finish my run
·         I seriously lost motivation to train and got weak and fat
·         Almost got it back and then fell off the bike
·         I got to liking whisky.

So on balance, I have to put it down as a very positive year even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes (like when I look down at belly).  Buying a house trumps rock climbing, even I will admit that!  And there is no reason that I can’t rectify my sporting failings this year.

My official goals for the year were:
·         Diet – it went well for a while, then pretty badly. But I got into salads etc and cut of snacks before xmas happened so partly, but only partly, achieved.
·         Norway 20102 – well, we went there. Other than that, it was a bit of a fail.
·         Complete the Grand Union Canal Race – am impressive achievement though it is, running 127.5 miles of 145 is still a fail.
·         Climb Left Wall (E2 5c) – fail.
·         Redpoint a 7c – fail.
·         Save money – I did, then spent it on a house and now need to save again, except life is too expensive.  So part fail.
·         Move out – achieved!
·         New job – got to an interview, but failed.
(2012 doesn’t look so positive in light of that little lot)

In terms of this year, the goals are pretty similar:
·         Sort diet – Jan
·         Properly commit to and finish the Insanity Workout – Mar
·         Loose excess weight – Apr
·         Get aerobically fit – Apr
·         Get back into climbing and training – Apr
·         Climb Left Wall (E2 5c) – Aug
·         Redpoint a 7c – Dec
·         Amass some kind of savings – Dec
·         Get a new job – Dec

I'll also be setting some specific performance goals in terms of strength training and fitness, it'll be good to have something very quantifiable in addition to the above broader stuff.  Most of these are just a question of motivation. Like that makes it easy.  Bring the psyche!

I have also quite enjoyed keeping this blog, so will continue.  I am sure my many readers will be overjoyed at that news.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

This is our birdbox. I cleaned it out on New Year’s Day, ready for the spring. How very metaphorical.

And check out this fat bastard squirrel. What has become of you, Roger Bannister, what has become of you? I know how he feels.

Photos are not stretched

I have been for a run every day of 2013 so far. The wrist feels much better and is now wrapped in Kinesiotex tape and may be ready for gentle climbing as early as next week. The Insanity Workout starts on 14 th Jan, pending wrist. Will I finally get my ass back in gear this month?

And finally, last night was my first alcohol (which mostly means whisky) free night for probably a month.