Saturday, 7 April 2012

Enough shoes?

Yesterday, I had my first proper visit to Westfield, Stratford, apart from being very busy I thought it okay, if you like shopping centres.  Anyway, I bought a pair of Nike Free running shoes that I have been after for a while as they were in the sale, this comes two days after ordering a new pair of Mizunos, but then I am going through them pretty quickly at the moment and will need several operational pairs for the GUCR as if they get wet I'll need to change.  The current count is that I have eight pairs of running shoes in my stock!

Hers and his

We then ended up going out out even though we had only intended to go out, the intention was little more than popping out in fact.  So our shopping trip ended at 1am after six pints in the new 'super casino'.  Casinos bore me, but beer doesn't, so it ended up being a good night.

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