Saturday, 17 August 2013

Wear socks

I haven't posted for a while so this is more for regularity's sake, rather than having anything interesting to say.

First, my advice for today is that it is good to wear socks or, even better, slippers, when one is taking the recycling out or you risk the fate that befell me last night.  I missed the step and split the skin across the bottom of my big toe.  So that should make climbing fun tomorrow morning.

This is rebarbative apparently
In other news I have been hard at work readying for the arrival of the soon-daughter, now only five weeks away.  The nursery is painted and I have built a full 'wall of pax', including boxing in the boiler - I may dabble with some sound insulation (as in noise, not that it is structurally reliable) (it is structurally reliable).  Naturally, this meant all exercise was replaced with chocolate in recent weeks.

I love Pax
Mad skillz again
I have also hacked a crib to make a co-sleeper. Co-sleeping is all the rage apparently - co-sleeping means the baby sleeps better thus we sleep better, and we can react before she goes all ape-shit as we are so close. The down side is you can roll over and squash the baby.  So these co-sleeping cots have been invented that give you the best of both world, except they are new and so cost £250. This didn't cost that.

I also chopped down the neighbour's tree. Thrilling.

I had a weekend in the Peaks with the Squadron - climbed all of one HS.  It was displeasingly tricky.  Must work on that.

...and I will need to, as research is currently being undertaken for Norway 2014!