Friday, 4 May 2012

I am tired

I thought it time for a wee update after a pretty slow week.  This week, I think, marks my first 70-mile-week, and I’ve done it in five days – though it does entirely consist of runs to and from work.  So I only have do to double that distance in two, rather than five, days.  Easy.

I must admit to feeling a bit battered though and have a few niggles, most worrying of which is on the inside of my left leg, just above the ankle – could be shin splints, maybe? But these pains tend to migrate around my body so I won’t panic just yet.  I finally got a blister too, to practice my skills on.  On the plus side, I think I have earned the weekend off – I am off to Wales to drag stroppy teenagers up hills and wasn’t looking forward to running after a full day of that.

I have ordered a load of new kit – compression shorts, t-shirt, lube, tape for feet, drying powder, race number belt and the ominous scalpel (which cost all of 10p).  Only four weeks to go now. Shit a brick.  I am also recruiting more support runners since I discovered I can have company from 65 miles, not 70.

In other news, I climbed last weekend and I wasn’t half as bad as I expected – it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t embarrassing either (my plan of climbing once a week to tick over isn’t even happening).  This was only inside so doesn’t count anyway.  This will be the latest in the year I have ever started climbing outside, and probably 8 months since I did last, by the time I finally get back on rock.  How I long for it...

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