Monday, 27 April 2015


Yes, Moose-fans, the release of Age of Ultron can only mean one thing - Nick and Holly's anniversary!  This year, the big one five.  And still going strong!

Naturally, we went to see it the day before general release, and I can confirm it is most good.  Top three material for sure.  Number one? We'll see, after second and maybe third viewings.

Cocktails followed at an unnecessarily noisy, but nonetheless good bar, and then burgers at Five Guys.

The next day, after ballet, I had the curls lopped off.  What looks like grey, is in fact, merely a trick of the light.

I then built a box, that Willow got in.  It's one of the new planters I am building for my new interest in gardening.  Yes, I know.

Holly got me a bottle of The Dalmore, a very, very fine dram.  I think it is time for one...

Monday, 13 April 2015

Running the Lea

Alert – VDP*

*Very dull post

Yesterday I ran the Lea with Lee and James.  18.5 miles from Limehouse to Broxbourne, and very nice it was too.  Today my legs don’t ache as such, but I do feel a bit battered.

At the end I had a Coke with some perfectly aligned ice (aligned to not cool my drink).

Erm, that’s it really.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Back to Wales

Easter means the first cadet 'summer' mountain trip of the year but you wouldn't have thought that on Friday if you had happened to be on the Nantlle Ridge. Okay, it didn't snow, but it was certainly not pleasant with a baptism of wind and rain for the young'uns. 

Saturday was much nicer with the ming clearing as we neared the summit of Moel Siabod.  At which point one of lads declared his confusion at being in Snowdonia and not seeing any domes. Quizzical looks ensued until we realised he had confused Snowdonia with the Eden Project. As you do.

Before the long drive home we set them off on a wee solo route which gave me and Matt a chance to grab a quick climb.  Even though only VS, Oxine gave me that uneasy feeling that comes from hardly climbing for yonks but it was pleasingly straightforward, if a bit pumpy. Matt did well to second it despite a lot less climbing than even my meagre record. I do enjoy a rock climb when it is gloriously sunny.

So VS cruised with no training, imagine the possibilities with...

In lieu of any Welsh action shots, here is The Moose to wish you a happy Easter.