Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nick does sports science

I was just accosted by a student in the gym, doing some kind of survey thing.  At least he said he was at uni, seemed more GCSE level to me, but I suppose this is Southwark.  Anyway he measured my bicep and I had to do as many press ups in a minute as I could.  I didn’t point out all the shortcomings in his data gathering, or the missed opportunities by not asking a few extra questions such as what my training emphasis is. And I suspect there will be little correlation between upper arm circumference and pressupability.

Anyways, suffice to say, I didn’t do many.  22 according to him in fact (24 according to me) – ah, I remember the day I could have done 22 in 22 seconds.  The question is, other than an ego battering, should I be bothered?  Probably not, a whole lot – I am a big believer in specificity.  And I run and I climb, I don’t press.  That said, a major muscle imbalance is a bit of a recipe for injury and I recently identified that, weirdly, my left tricep is weaker than my right – so I think a few more press ups may be in order, but not many.

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