Monday, 23 January 2012

Nick does food

Yes, this is the recipe for my famous bircher...
(well, an amalgam of several different recipes from the internet anyway, and I am only posting so I can stop Googling it every time I make it)

Porridge oats – 500- 700g depending on sloppiness requirements
Semi-skimmed milk – 500ml
Apple juice – 200ml
Lime – juice of one
Yoghurt – 500ml
Raisins – some
Apple x 3, peeled and grated
Banana x 2, mushed
Frozen berries – one packet
Vanilla extract – one teaspoon
Honey – to taste

Step 1:  Mix the oats, milk, apple juice, vanilla and raisins in a bowl and leave for a couple of hours.

Step 2: Squeeze lime into a bowl, grate the peeled apples into the bowl (the juice stops the apples going manky), mix into the oats mixture.

Step 3: Mix in the yoghurt.

Step 4: Mush the bananas and half the berries (now defrosted) and the stir into the oats mixtures.

Step 5: Mix in honey bit by bit until its sweet enough - warning, its easy to over sweeten.

This makes a lot!  Enough for a week of Nick sized breakfasts - it seems to keep for upwards of three days in the fridge and freezes fine.  If it separates, stir it - it'll be fine.

I also guess the ratios differently each time, it doesn't seem to make much odds.


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