Thursday, 5 January 2012

Diet, not dieting

I have a very sweet tooth, and my diet is pretty appalling.  Its one of the things I really need to sort this year, and preferably soon.  Now, when I talk about diet, I don't really mean some calorie controlled dieting regime but more the quality of the fuel I consume - and with me doing all this running, that is going to be more and more important.  That said, some weight-loss, I think, will be a pleasant side effect. I am well aware I am not really fat, but my interest is in getting lighter, and not vanity (I tend not to stroll around in speedos these days). Being a climber, the less I have to haul upwards the better.  But as I said, any calorie deficit must not be at the expense of having energy to train - for that way lies only injury, demotivation and exhaustion.

So here are a few of the issues I have with my diet:

Sugar - I am fueled far too much on high GI foods - cake, chocolate, snacks, etc.  This means I am prone to sugar crashing - even on the cycle home from work.  It is also distinctly lacking in any nutrients.

Laziness - I eat breakfast at work, which means I often skip it and then getting hungry at about 11am - which means only one thing: CAKE.  So I need a better planned and sustainable source of breakfast - I am quite into bircher at the moment.

Sleeping arrangements - Splitting my time between my house and Holly's means its harder to plan my diet, especially in terms of taking in breakfast and lunches to work.  This should be easily solvable with some effort.

The 5-a-day - I don't get it, so more fruit and veg is needed.

So as soon as the last few Xmas choccies have been devoured, I shall begin...

Even is deepest, darkest Norway, I sought out the doughnuts

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