Thursday, 15 November 2012

The beginning of the beginning

I finally tried out the wall!  And I saw that it was good.  I can be confident it is also very well future proofed as I can't actually string together a route in my weakened state. But I did enjoy it at least.

I also have a heater on a timer set up so the wall will be a nice temperature for my arrival after work, just as soon as we fix the electrics. And a stereo - this room is badass.

Today I weighed even more that earlier in the week, despite eating salads and trying this new Intermittent Fasting thing (watch this: Eat, Fast and Live Longer - Horizon ).  It really hasn't been very hard so far.

You will only ever see me climb sans t-shirt on my own wall in my own home, never in public. Enjoy.

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