Friday, 9 November 2012

An old man's rant

Since buying the house, we have spent a lot (or to put it another way, everything) on kitting it out.  What has struck me about the world of home wares and furnishings is the number of orders that companies have stuffed up in one way or another.  The current tally is below, and excluding the £400ish bed, the mistakes have cost the companies a total of £340 directly, plus expenses like admin and more postage.  I know these a big companies are shipping an awful lot compared to buying climbing gear – but I don’t think I have ever had a climbing or cycling order botched like this.  And you would think big companies work to even tighter margins where efficiency is critical.

Virgin - faulty phone line - £6 refund
Made - damaged shelves - £100 credit
Made - damaged desk - £120 credit
Made - missed delivery - £45 postage refund
Achica - wrong colour coffee machine - £15 refund
Achica - colour bled on bath mat - £9 refund
Fab - damaged picture – awaiting reply
Furniture Village - damaged bed – replacement
Pixmania – dented toaster - £45 refund
Some random cable shop – wrong HDMI cables – replacement

Anyway, despite my moaning, I am pretty glad most of these occurred as its worked in our favour (just as soon as Made get some decent lamps in stock!).

Well, that warrants a replacement

If you squint, it looks a little like 'titanium grey'

This came very well packaged, yet still...

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