Friday, 7 December 2012

When the git got going the going mashed him up

Over the last week I have finally, at long last, got back into some semblance of training.  Three sessions down the wall had me go from very bad to very bad but with some hope.  I did two sessions in the outhouse, mainly swinging kettlebells about as the wall is too hard at the mo.  So fitness is through the floor but at least I was on the road to redemption.

Then, on one of the first cold mornings of the winter, on a quiet cul-de-sac, the bike went from under me on a patch of ice and the mighty Harvey Right Hand Scaphoid was fractured.  Note: I still cycled another nine miles to work and 11 home.  Also note: this may not have been wise.

Me is woed

At least they think it is fractured.  With the low blood flow that the scaphoid (small bone at base of thumb) gets, if in doubt they whack a cast on it.  One doesn't want to suffer from avascular necrosis does one? (nurse looked impressed when I mentioned this). So I will be having another x ray on Tuesday, when healing will be visible if it is indeed fracture.  Then the cast stays on another five weeks.  If its not, it is just a horrendous sprain, the cast comes off and I am still stuffed.

Typing is actually quite painful

So at least a month of running and core work and not using my brand new and very expensive home wall.  But tonight, beer and whisky.

Keep it real folks.

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