Monday, 5 November 2012

The Epic Post of Wall

This may be a bit boring if you don't have an interest in climbing walls, or DIY, or structural engineering (I'd like to think) or squirrels...

Testing the roof

...looks solid....

The materials arrive

Replacing the insulation between the joists

Lazy man's kickboard

Going for approx a 40 degree overhang

Seems to be strong enough

Support for shelving

Anchors for the pull-up bar

The ply

POWER TOOLS (thanks Lee!)

James was recruited to drill 807 holes

...and then hammer in the t-nuts

Sir Roger Banister, our audacious squirrel

The first of my home-made holds

We even have a crack machine

A splash of colour

The matting - thanks to the new south London wall 'The White Spider' who gave me this gratis

We found him under our floorboards so cleaned him up and promoted him to the role of SOS

A late addition - another board for SOSs, inc. socket protection

The finished article

All in all, about six or seven full days works.  I am quite chuffed.

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