Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nick gets canalised

Today was my last long run - 39 very pleasant miles mostly along the canals and up the Lea.  It's a busy old waterway and was interesting to see the mix of very old and very new, plus it passes right by the Olympic Park.

James was kind enough to take this photo, in attempt to keep this blog from becoming a complete borefest.  It wasn't really worth the collateral damage. James, ever the one for a perfectly framed shot decided to take a high vantage point on a small brick wall.  Poorly executing his leap, he skinned his shin on the wall before face-planting into a flower bed in front of a young family.  The dad kindly asked if he was okay, but the expression on his face said something entirely different.  Anyway, here is the shot:

Note: I am not actually this fat

Quaint canal meets absolute shithole.

Today's run, 7hrs 55min

So I can now run along canals.  Mad skills.  Now there is only two weeks to go, a wee reminder:

Tonight, if I can stay awake, we have Champions League and Aliens all nighter (in anticipation of Prometheus) at Gav and Jane's.  Epic day!

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  1. You need to work off that beer belly. You've got 2 weeks.