Monday, 7 May 2012

Weekend in Wales

Just back from a weekend in Wales with cadets.  Sometimes it's a good laugh and sometimes they drive me up the wall, but in the main it was a pretty painless trip.  Apart from the cadet caught streaking down the main thoroughfare of the army camp at 11pm - one essay on 'why I am a fool' (or words to that effect) later and he has persuaded me that he should be allowed away on future trips.  What a douche.

For once I managed to avoid walking routes I have done before, though I had to take a lame one down Saturday (and so spent the rest of the day worrying if the rest of the group would do something stupid).

Oh, and my plans of rest this weekend have backfired with me tweaking a hamstring on the easiest walk I've ever done.

Also saw The Avengers again, which I hear has smashed the records for opening weekend in the States - go Whedon!

Cadets rarely think to use paths

Holding hands stops them falling in, they tell me

The cadet was instructed to use the dog-stile, which I then accidentally sat on

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