Thursday, 16 February 2012

Norway dispreparation

Well, I have to say, this must be the worse build up to a big trip I have ever had.  Let me chart the series of unfortunate events for you...

Oct - despite niggling injury, I go to Spain and redpoint 7b
Nov / Dec- I redpoint a tough (for me) 7a at the Castle
Xmas - do not a lot
Jan - have weekend in Brighton for two chalk sessions - first cut short due to getting caught in the football traffic, second cancelled due to hangover
Jan - manage to do one hour solid bouldering, 'good good' you may say, but blisters force me off climbing for over a week
Feb - go to the chalk, fall off, bash elbow. James falls off, is still on crutches four days later, only nine days before we go
Today - I go for a climb, decide to try the fat campus rungs for some endurance work, ruin hands. Pretty much sums up this year so far.

Given I did manage that hour bouldering I think my endurance must have been pretty good from pre-xmas - the question is, have I done enough to keep it that way?  It certainly won't have improved.  I suppose these things are sent to try us.

Apparently conditions are excellent out there, I just hope we make it that far!

I have decided that, after Norway, my climbing training needs to get a bit more scientific - more training, less 'hmm, perhaps I'll climb that next...'

This is surprisingly painful

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