Saturday, 11 February 2012

Nick ruins Saturday, almost finds 'Mark'

I plotted my run on gmap pedometer, let my lunch settle and was preparing to get ready for my 14.97 mile run, only to find I had left my running shoes at home. This apparently ruined the day as Holly was planning to get on with 'pottering' (tidying her room, again) so I was told to take up the least space possible:

A bit bummed at not running (though not enough to go home and get shoes) but at least I had a decent training session at the wall yesterday, admittedly on the screw-on-smear training wall which only really involves crimps - not exactly transferable to ice, but it was nice to feel enthusiastic for the first time in probably a month.

In other news, the drying cupboards in the changing room at work have seen the return of the kit-moving poltergeist (or as I prefer to call him the arsehole tosser).  Periodically we go through phases of finding everyone's kit dumped on the floor of the cabinet, presumably because someone thinks drying their kit is more important than drying everyone else's. I have even found a boot in the bin before.  Anyway, after emailing the below photo to the building manager (and getting naff all response), I was chatting with a fellow changing room user.  Still in a foul mood, I had another moan about the aforementioned tosser (I have been sure for years it is down to one guy), and he thinks he may know who it is!  Apparently he dumps everyone's kit on the floor, uses the dryer for his kit while he showers and then takes his kit, leaving all ours still on the floor! The cheek!  So I am now after a guy that may or may not be named Mark, may or may not be tall, may or may not go to a gym, usually during an early lunch, and may or may not kickbox.  The kickboxing element rules out any preemptive strike of violent force, don't want to get my ass whooped - but stealing all his clothes while he is in the shower may be an option.  I am shifting my gym pattern next week to engineer a encounter.

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