Friday, 24 February 2012

The final run

...for three weeks at least.  So this morning, I found myself at my halfway-ish-to-work checkpoint after a record equalling forty-five and a half minutes, so decided I may as well get a spurt on.  I got to work is 1hr 25mins, smashing my PB by over five minutes.  Assuming that was all gained in the second half, that means I was doing a minute-a-mile faster than my previous record.  Go Nick. 

That was the first run I have done this week, so although small in volume, this last week before the enforced lay off, with the ultra included, has been high quality.  I want to incorporate more of these faster runs to work when I get back.

For now though, I am of to the great wilderness of northern Norge, completely de-trained for ice I fear.  James is still limping, as is my hope.

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