Sunday, 12 February 2012

Exploding chalk syndrome

We were quite psyched for a decent session on the chalk today, and I had emotionally committed to three hours of training.  But as seems to be the way of late, it wasn't to be. I was traversing a steeper section when the chalk my axe was in ripped off, sending me bicycling backwards through the air - I wasn't very high, four feet off the deck maybe, but high enough to wonder how much it was going to hurt as I was falling.  Well, quite a lot actually, as I seemed to land mostly on my left elbow.  I was able to carry on after a bit of a break, and got two hours in in total.
James wasn't so lucky, his chunk of exploding chalk landed on his knee, which is now pretty swollen.  He has two weeks to recover.

Me doing a completely pointless fig4:

Ronhills and stripes, it's how I roll

Update: Monday - James' knee is not broken, confirmed via x-ray, and my elbow really hurts still.

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