Sunday, 17 March 2013


I am now a graduate of the Insanity Workout.  The sixty days of some seriously grueling workouts are finally complete and I have to say it has made me re-evaluate the worth of exercise DVDs!

You will probably be glad to know that, thanks to bricking my phone, I lost the 'before' semi naked picture of my beer gut.  So there really isn't much point in posting one of the new trim me.  I have every confidence that, had I had any self control over my diet, I could be pretty ripped now.  I will just have to settle for a massive increase in fitness.  The other day I did twelve inverted sit ups (ie dangling with knees over a bar), sixty days ago I could just about do one.

On the Fit Test front, I increased my scores by an average of 36%.  Impressive. (Note, I took my initial scores as an average from the first two tests as on the first one the movements were unfamiliar and that may have affected my scores.)

I only missed one recovery day and one fit test, and on some other days I swapped a few jumps for other exercises.  My one criticism, and its not a criticism really, just an observation, is that it's quite brutal on the knees.

My plan now is to tick over with a few workouts this week then have a bit of a break while I go away climbing for a week.  Then for April I will be concocting some kind of hybrid from Insanity and The Asylum (the sequel to Insanity) and a bit more climbing.

James and I reset my wall yesterday so it's more usable (he pointed out that I had some tiny holds up high and some decent hand holds too low), but of course I have now strained a finger pulley on my left hand.

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