Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Grand News

I have some big news, people, some big and good news.  Holly and I are expecting a baby.  There, the news is now out there in the blogosphere.

We have been holding off on announcing it until after the first scan, which we had yesterday (those machines are pretty cool).

Clearly a climber

We decided to start trying for a baby so that he would be old in her school year (I shall alternate between she and he for the time being).  The due date is 19 September, so that gives you an idea of how long ‘trying’ took.  Not very - I am powerful.

Holly has been pretty sick with anti-morning sickness, in that she seems to feel okay between 10am and 11am and is ill the rest of the time.  Now we are out the first trimester, she should start to feel better, but her mum was ill for many months.  This sickness is not pleasant at all – it means I am having to do more cooking.  Holly can’t abide the ‘smell’ in the kitchen – I use inverted commas because to a normal person there is no smell.  She had me disinfect the fridge at the weekend.  And I had to unblock the sink after her roast dinner reappeared into it (she must chew her food more if she is going to vom it up again).  Its for love I do these things.

At the antenatal clinic yesterday, there was a shouty chav waiting alongside us.  One of those people who talk to the room rather than the person they are with (her equally repulsive mother), you know the type.  She wanted a cappuccino, so they were going to head off to the pub, as you do.  I feel a drain on the welfare state coming on.  Anyway, her due date is 24th.  So Holly is now adamant our baby must arrive on time so there is no risk of her sharing a room with this social detritus.

So I am now sentenced to a lifetime of worry and poverty.  Its pretty exciting though. I think I can be responsible, or at least pretend I am for the next eighteen years.

I think girl, Holly thinks boy.  We should find out in early May (the pragmatist in us demands to know).  Exciting times indeed. 

All change please, all change.

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