Monday, 11 February 2013

A wee update

It’s been a while since I blogged so here I am writing something without a whole lot to say.

I have now completed month one of the Insanity Workout and I must admit that despite it appearing like ‘aerobics’ it is rather effective.  A month ago I could not do any straight-leg leg raises and now I can hold one for some seconds, and I could do nothing resembling a lever and now can hold a half lever for a few seconds.  It has rather displaced climbing  (not that there was any a month ago) but this is phase one (get fit) before phase two (get specialised).  Perhaps most importantly, I am enjoying training again.

My main thought about Insanity is that it demonstrates the power of interval training and proper application of effort (busting one’s balls).  I think I used to coast through my training, going through the motions, so whilst it got me quite fit, it wasn’t very good value training.  I am quite excited as to what month two will bring.  And also by what I can formulate for post-Insanity; I am thinking of some home-brewed more climbing specific version combined with the odd Insanity session plus a lot more climbing.  I am getting some odd looks at work as I do a lot of it at lunchtime in the basement.

In other news, we held Gran’s rearranged 90th birthday party, with Holly’s cake garnering universal praise (I did the ‘90’ in silver balls though).

90 years young

Holly and I also ran our Squadron’s annual ‘NCO Cadre’ leadership course at Crowborough.  Think of it as trying to teach the unteachable to the unteachable.  Over the weekend we had ‘all weathers’, including snow, but the most prominent was rain. It rained a lot.  The cadets were supposed to sleep out under ‘bashas’ (a tarp strung up between trees) but it rained so much I did them the kindness of moving them into one of the concrete troop shelters, which promptly flooded.  How we laughed (I should add that we slept there too).

Our home for the night

This coming weekend we are taking them to North Wales, where there may or may not be some snow.

Oh, and if you ever go to the Highams Park Tesco, avoid going to the till operated by Bilal.  I think he is retarded, but more to the point he is rude.  Next time, Bilal, next time...

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