Wednesday, 16 January 2013


So far, this year has been moderately active, with running most lunchtimes, and I have eaten pretty well.  I have sorted my workplace feeding out and am on fruit for breakfast and a massive salad for lunch.  Snacking in the evening is down, not eliminated (Holly made cookies), but is reasonable.  I must be losing weight.  Trousers are still tight.

I am now on day three of the Insanity Workout.  Insanity is one of these very commercially successful conditioning programs, in this case 60 days.  It’s very, erm, American.  I am usually not keen on these types of things, but for me at this time of terrible fitness it might be just what I need.  It also doesn’t require any equipment which is great for doing it at home.  It in itself is nothing special but Shaun T does make you push yourself and it gives structure to training.  60 days to a new me.  We will see.  After only a couple of sessions, I am inclined to believe it! 

It’s true what they say – the warm up is quite enough on its own.  Yesterday I was supposed to do sets of burpees and press-ups but by that point I couldn’t even do a press up, despite not having done any yet (if that makes any sense at all).  Today I was supposed to climb too but after failing to get up in time to do Insanity before work, I just couldn’t face climbing after work and then still having Insanity to do.  I must climb mid-week, yet also must do Insanity.  I think I may put the videos on my phone and do it in the basement at lunchtime and just suffer the weird looks I’ll get. 

As Shaun T would say “c’mon ya’ll, DIG DEEPER”.

Shaun T in all his glory

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