Monday, 15 December 2014

Another night, another dram

This weekend we visited James, it was his turn to host the now-traditional (at undetermined intervals) whisky tasting nights.  We took Willow as we stayed over and she entertained us all afternoon with frantic lapping of the dining table, meeting Jelly the cat, and playing the piano.  It is funny how such things feel like a holiday – sometimes home is the most relaxing place in the world, but sometimes, when the house is a mess, the to-do list is growing faster than it is shrinking and when Christmas is fast approaching, it is less stressful to just remove yourself from the possibility of addressing these stressers.  I am sure Willow climbing and descending the steps over and over and over again would have got tiresome at home long before it did at James’, where it was just entertaining.  I wish I had her energy.

Once we packed her off to bed we started on the good stuff. And good it was – featuring, possibly the ‘best’ whisky I have ever tasted.  Then ensued a long discussion on the merit of comparison with Holly and James supporting the view that whiskies are different and so you can’t compare them.  I say everything is comparable.  For example, the top of the range BMW is better than the finest roast dinner.  See? Makes perfect sense.  Which is why I can say with conviction The Avengers is the greatest film of all time.  Anyway, the Laphroaig in question was typically peaty (which I like) and yet sweet and spicy from the sherry cask it was aged in (which I like) – quite unusual but very fantastic.  Along with another seven or so almost as fantastic drams.

In our merriment we also dreamt up a cunning plan for next year.  Not involving whisky.  But perhaps involving Cognac.

Thanks to James for having us over to his very nice house, hosting and providing the medicine (as usual!). 

On Sunday we had the long trek through London (road south of the river are quite terrible) to William’s (of Sean and Laura) first birthday party.  The last time we saw them was Willow’s party so it was nice to catch up.

(Do you see how I don’t even mention fitness and training anymore?)

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  1. It's a self-evident truth that a good roast dinner is better than any car.

    Cheaper, too