Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A tale of not a lot

Dear Readers,

Today I blog more through a sense of loyalty and obligation to my fans than having anything useful or entertaining to say, but blog I shall.

I am in a bit of a fug at the moment – all desire to train evaporated when I caught some death-cold a few weeks back.  We have entered the Rat Race Dirty Weekend but it is so far away one can easily put it out of one’s mind. Besides, we are so close to xmas now, it’ll be the New Year soon, when all things begin anew.  Work is not a happy place for me at the moment, which is my greatest problem by far – sucking all life from me – but let’s not talk about that too much for fear of me ending it all.  And I seem permanently exhausted, even when Willow sleeps in past my alarm clock.

Speaking of which, Willow is continuing her fast development – stomping round the place at a rate of knots now.  She can now wink, seems to know most animals, can happily climb up and down the stairs and does Downward Dog on command.  She called me a pig last night in sign language as I came home, but I later realised she was just telling me Pepper Pig was on the telly.  She also thinks she is an actual Moose.  Nanny pretended pushed me over while playing which I exaggerated in the name of hilarity, and moments later Willow was feigning falling in slow motion (though quite close to actual falling at times).  When I played dead she poked a finger in my eye to test if I was.  She is also very into her books, so much so that I am very bored of her books.

In other news, we have watched Guardians of the Galaxy twice in a week – Holly said in a whisper after the first viewing she thought it may be better than The Avengers.  Serious words.  But she isn’t far wrong – it is on a par.  Oooooh child, things are going to get better...

Our local curry-house-of-choice was shut down because of this: . How do you feel after seeing that? Now imagine having eaten as much curry from there as I have.  I will not be using the rebranded-but-probably-the-same place that has opened in its place.  The quest for a replacement continues.

Christmas is almost near, I know because I was despatched to the loft to retrieve the decorations last night, so I will blog some festive blathering at some point, even if nothing else happens.

In the meanwhilst, Mum sent me this picture – there is just over a ninety year age gap here!

Willow and GG

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