Monday, 30 June 2014


Not as grey as it looks
We have recently returned from a great week in Southwold.  It was the first full week I have had with the family since my paternity leave so I had a brilliant time just relaxing, playing and eating.  We didn’t really do a whole lot, though we did visit Minsmere RSPB reserve and take a walk down to Dunwich.  I even only went for two runs – very poor form.  We did ensure that Adnams brewery will be well in profit this year though, through rather generous alcohol consumption.  I also got quite into the World Cup and got away with watching a fair amount.

Willow seemed to enjoy the holiday, as much as a baby can, and was a charm as usual, though one does have to keep an eye on her now she is on the move. She only fell off the bed once.  I think the change of scenery put her off her food a bit but she seems to be back on it now we are home. 

Southwold is a lovely little town – it is very ‘nice’ and seems quite unspoilt given its reliance on tourism.  We’ll certainly be going back.  A massive thank you to James for letting us use his house there; Puffin Cottage. 

This is now cool
A large percentage of time was spent doing this

'Mummy, I am telling you, that was a Flamingo!'
Mummy signs 'Duck'
On our way to Dunwich

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