Monday, 24 March 2014

The Time Stealer

I don’t like to make this blog too baby obsessed, after all, I am a climber and climbing is what I do and why I set up this blog. If only...

I guess it is time I reluctantly admit there are probably more people out there interested in cute photos of the LadyBaby that there are people who’d like to look at yet another piece of ice.  And given she occupies the entirety of our lives now, she may as well occupy this blog too. So, for them, I present a few gems from the last couple of weeks.  She seemed to like the papoose (rucksack thing) which bodes well for going to The Lake District later in the year.

In other news, I might soon have a good post on a mega whisky tasting session I have coming up with James.  It seems he has gone a bit mental on the whisky front since Norway.  Speaking of which, Holly and I went gin tasting at the weekend – a spirit with much more going on than cliché and stereotype would have you think.  There were no tickets, just a list of names at the entrance – my name appeared not to be there, until I realised was down as  Mr Onice.  Nick Onice.  Never had that before!

Training has taken a boost these last couple of weeks as my old pal and climbing buddy Nick (with whom I did my first and only alpine season with – Chamonix for six and a half weeks back in 2006) has started coming over on Thursday night to use the wall. Yes, that’s right – I am finally using the thing!  I have written up a pretty mean circuit training session of 90mins.  We are still getting to grips with how best to use the wall itself, but it’s certainly great progress.

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