Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Fair Play

You may have noticed me bemoaning my recent crampon failures.  Well, I complained to Grivel and they have sent me an entire brand new set – you can’t ask for more than that. So a big thanks to Grivel, and more specifically Adam at The Mountain Boot Co. (UK distributors of Grivel).  I am returning the broken pair so it can take pride of place in their broken kit museum.

Interestingly, the connecting bar has been modified to the new ‘twin bar’.  This is apparently to better accommodate the new generation of B3 boots that are more flexible – such as the Scarpa Phantoms, as used by none other than little old me.

It’s nice to see a company not only standing by their products with great customer service, but also acting quickly to address design concern about them – this new bar seems to have come as standard for a couple of seasons following at least one similar breakage as discussed on Dane’s Cold Thistle blog.

So fair play to Grivel, TMBC, and Adam. Thanks.

The Yellow Dragons
In other news, I ran my, rather hilly, half marathon in 1hr 43min 50sec.  Not bad off the back of minimal training.

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