Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Return of the Jedi

After a year and a half layoff from climbing actual rock, we finally got out to Gogarth this weekend.

Despite being relatively fit in general terms, fit for rock I am definitely not.  We managed three HVSs over the weekend (a bit lazy, but baby steps) and I needed to rest on one - the second sustained pitch of Central Park.  So I can't complain too much.  Once pumped, the pump seemed to stick around - I have poor recovery ability.  Also, after such a long layoff, and a lot of running last year, my feet are no longer rock-shoe-shaped - jeez they hurt.  Think I may have to revert to beginner shoes for a bit!

To be honest, Saturday was marred with a sense of unease - weak arms, probable dehydration, Gogarth psyche-out and not much sleep all added up to give me a stressful day.  Sunday was much better though and I could actually enjoy the climbing (probably cos it was easier).  Still, I know what I need to do - climb more.

We found a cracking campsite right near South Stack which even served brekky.  Of course, the weather always biases ones view of a place and it was hot, damned hot.

Not quite Yoda yet, more of a crying Luke Skywalker.

A room with a view

Sorted for the day - 8am and t-shirt weather

Sense of impending psyche-out

We had to queue for Scavenger, but hey, can't complain when it's this nice

Calves courtesy of Insanity

Crux bridging of Scavenger - 5m off the deck and I am already wasted

Icarus takes the smaller shadow near the centre of the pic - you can see a chap in the corner

James sat in shit

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