Sunday, 30 June 2013

A mixed bag of Pembroke

James and I just had a weekend in Pembroke - possibly my favourite area for climbing, but it wasn't an overwhelming success.

Friday went well enough and I led Dreamboat Annie, a great classic, but Saturday starting very slowly.  We were fully geared up when we were warned off a climb by a chap from the RSPB (that was near the edge of bird ban proper).  Moving further along the cliffs we chose a second crag only for me to ab in to find a load of gull chicks on the ledges (a bird not rare enough to warrant a ban) so that idea was binned too.  It wouldn't have been nice for them or us.  Eventually we got climbing and I led a couple of great HVSs.  After showing some promise on Friday, the less said about James' leading on Saturday the better!

We then drank some beer.  

Beach-side musings with beer in hand

Drunken Arete (Mod) a great new line straight off the beach
(which we spent too long on and nearly got cut off by the tide)

My head was not in the right place come Sunday morning and I ended up flapping around on and dogging my way up another HVS.  Point to note - avoid routes that following horrid diagonal cracks.

So - before our next trip, I really need to do some training.

St Govan's Chapel

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