Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Dear loyal readers, who have had precious little to read of late,

It is time for my annual review (not actually sure if this is a tradition).  Well, by the terms of this very blog, it’s been a truly pitiful year – no climbing, one puny semi-successful Scotland trip, no cycling, an almost complete cessation of training and a descent into terrible fatness.  I now weigh 87kgs.  Take that in, and let it weigh heavy upon you for it weighs most heavy upon me.  I guess I should be thankful, that excluding my belly, I hold weight pretty well (because it’s all on my belly) and in normal clothes with a quick suck in, I look not much different.  I am at the point where few of my clothes fit and I feel uncomfortable most of the time.  I guess I must still be able to hold my own – Lee and I did one of those daft Rat Race 10k in November and came approx. 370th of 5,000, mostly because we started in Wave 1, but still.  A goal for next year will be to break into top 100, which is distinctly possible.  Another post will feature my targets for next year (chief amongst which is to start MOVING again).

But, hey, life isn’t all sport and aside from developing a severe sedentary habit, it’s been a great year.  Holly is about to pop with Baby 2.0 (Male Edition) and Willow has grown into a beautiful witty little girl that has us laughing every single day.  A recent top comedy moment was when she pointed out that I do not have a ‘hole in my hair’, shortly after Lee had left our house!  We have a new car, nay, my dream car (stay grounded, people) which carts the family around with ease and made holidays much easier.  And I have my now-not-so-new job.  After ten months I am still enjoying it (and for those of you who know me well, that statement probably still surprises you), I am very busy and I genuinely think I now will have career options in the future.  Not to mention the great work-life balance I have which lets me spend a lot of time with Willow, and now Holly as she has started her maternity leave.

So, if I can handle reigniting my training mojo and do a bit more actual sport whilst coping with two kids, 2016 is set to be a very exciting year.  I hope yours is too.

All the best,


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