Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Willow is one

This weekend, The Moose turned one year old.  The year has absolutely flown by, yet I can scarcely remember a time when our growling Lady Baby wasn’t around.  I think I am simultaneously the most stressed I have ever been and also the happiest and having the most fun, the most tired yet really not that sleep deprived.  I feel old and ache more than I did a year ago, but hey, we have Willow!

To celebrate, we had our first kids party, which had us up until 1am the night before preparing.  Holly worked her magic with flour and stuff to make three fantastic cakes and I tidied and cleaned – I saw the future of the outhouse as it became the babies playroom for the day.  Balloons were inflated and presents wrapped.  Thank the party-gods it was dry so the fully buntinged garden meant we could actually accommodate all the people we invited.  The final count was 26 adults and 7 babies.  A very good time was had by all (I hope).

Thanks to everyone who came and for all your kind gifts.  Some of the best photos are below.

The Rocking Moose is unveiled

‘Now I am one, I shall only be eating using my feet’

Isaac and Willow

Julie, Jerry, BabyMomma, and Jane

The NCT crowd

Lani and Willow in the playden

Babies: Arthur, Thomas, Lani, Willow

Lani still obsessing over bubles

Jane, Arthur and Gavin

Matt and Lani

Willow is impressed at Mummy's cake making

A busy garden

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