Monday, 14 April 2014

The ageing alumni

On Saturday we travelled up to Greenwich to meet two of my old uni pals (the ‘of’ is a bit redundant, it’s not like I had many uni friends) and their families.

We recently met Sean and Laura after his son was born, but I haven’t seen Al for a decade, since we finished uni, and obviously have never met Claire, his wife. When I finally messaged him a few weeks ago I wished him congratulations on the news they are expecting baby number two...  ...and Ella’s first birthday  ...and her birth  ...and his marriage  ...and getting into the police (he has just done his Sgts exams).

It was good to catch up with them and nice we have all had kids so close together.  After Nandos (20% military discount, who knew?) we had a quick walk around the grand buildings of Greenwich uni – it is the old Royal Naval College so is really quite impressive.  Unfortunately, the university is far better architecturally than it is academically.

We plan to reinact this photo in another decade:

In The Painted Hall.  From left:

Alan and Ella, the model, Nick and Willow, the tree, and Sean and William, the superman

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