Sunday, 23 February 2014

Short days and lots of rain

We have just had a couple of shorter days with a return to Langåni on the cards tomorrow. It is very rainy and warm now though so there is a major thaw in motion. Hopefully, Langåni will be high enough to withstand it.  Thankfully, the hire car does indeed have unlimited mileage, cos, jeez, we are doing a lot of driving.  Here is a bit of a photo dump from yesterday and today.

Another walk-in, only an hour, but still
We think this may be Heggfossen
High on the WI4+/5 crux - felt pleasingly straightforward
A rare photo of me and James, at the base of today's route with may or may not be The Stonner (WI5/5+) 
Setting off on the main pitch, again, quite straightforward

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