Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014 - the year of sludge (so far)

And thus, the new year was upon us, in all it’s fourtheenthly glory.

It is time for a wee roundup.

Firstly, I have finished all three blocks of T25. Apart from a couple of sessions I biffed at the end.  Is it any good? Yes. Is it better than Insanity? No.  Of course it takes a lot less time, but in the most part I found it less intense too.  The speed workouts are so fast I tended to need a break because I lost focus and confused my feet rather than getting exhausted.  I do like the Gamma workouts using weights and will continue to do them until Norway – they seem quite relevant with lots of shoulder work.  In short, if at all possible, choose Insanity but if you are really pushed for time, T25 will do fine.

New Year itself was apparently quite good. A Mexican night at Gav and Jane’s had me smashed on margaritas after an hour – I think four months of fatherhood had given me some pent up aggression in the drinking department and I went at the array of tequila, whisky and gin like George Best with a new liver. So new year’s day was spent with me in bed and Holly cursing me for wasting the day and abandoning the baby.  I would never drink again...   ...for all of two days as it turned out.

How I feel most of the time
Willow is sleeping well once she is asleep but hating the act of falling asleep itself.  Holly went to the gym last week and Willow cried for an hour and a half nonstop – which is really quite distressing.  After an age I got her off to sleep.  We hope her evening grumps are due to her last jab so should wear off soon.  This week we have stopped her midnight feed and she pretty much sleeps through from 2030 until 0730 – with the occasional thrash around that wakes Holly up.  Getting her off to sleep is hard though – its like a war of attrition and is leaving me a bit psychologically drained.  When you only have two hours with the wee creature after getting home from work, its not very nice spending half of that battling her as she refuses to sleep. Holly thinks it’s because she is starting to realise it means she is left alone. What a needy moose we have.  Of course, in all other respects, its just as brilliant as ever.

Training for Norway is going nowhere fast. We moved the trip back two weeks as it’s been so warm out there. I wasted those two weeks eating and drinking so today is effectively 1 Jan again with 31 days to go. I currently feel like I made mostly of a chocolaty, whisky infused, sludge. On the plus side, it is finally getting chilly out there.

Glimmers of hope

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