Monday, 25 November 2013

Nick’s lightness of being

The 32 days of my Birthday Challenge are over, and in the main, it has been a success.

The Ice Rig Training has shown great promise (if it is a transferable as I hope), especially in the last week or so when the time has really ramped up and I have seen big gains. In the beginning, ten minutes seemed a long time, now I can consider doing that long without a rest.  The neighbours have also noticed me now.  I intend to have a couple of days rest before starting back up with some short morning sessions and fewer longer evening sessions – possibly wearing some weight.

I have mostly stayed off sugar and dairy, without being particularly strict. For example, I am eating raisins and dates and not checking ingredient lists for sugar, but have avoid all cake and puddings.  Similarly, I have avoided ‘added dairy’, but have also found myself eating things like fish pie and pizza.  In fact the whole dairy thing was a bit moot, as it was pretty much enforced by the no sugar bit anyway (in my life, dairy means ice cream and cake).  The most important thing, while I fully intend to eat some cake tonight, I don’t feel like it will be very difficult to stick to.

The booze thing I gave up on – I am ashamed to say I used it as a crutch to get through the lack of cake. Oh well, I am over it already.

As for my weight, there has been a steady decline – in strict before and after terms, I lost 7.5lbs, but this is an exaggerated figure (it’s more like 5.5lbs) due to Armageddon going off in my guts on Friday. The worst episode of the Fiery Squits I have had since the famous Ecuador incident of 2004.  Unfortunately I was forced to miss Friday’s double T25 session – trying to do it would have only resulted in me sharting myself.  Those unpleasant 24h hours can best be described by way of the below pictorial metaphor:

On that note, good day to you.

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