Thursday, 10 October 2013

October update

As you can imagine, not a lot has been happening other than attending to the Little Moose, bless her.  She has taken to vomming a bit but doesn’t seem too phased by it, and is still chubbing up nicely, now weighing in at 8lbs 9oz.  She is also becoming a bit of an insomniac and thus so is Holly.  

The Raspberry Moose

Holly had a bit of a Willow themed birthday, with presents of a book called Willow, a bluray called Willow (the fantasy film and yes, Tyrion Lannister is in there somewhere if you look hard enough), a Willow tree (dwarf) and even a bottle of Willow mineral water among other things.  We actually made it out from brunch that weekend.

Five Willows and a Holly

Last weekend I went to the Castle (a sign of the times that I am blogging about going to the wall) and surprised myself by top roping a few 6b+s cleanly – a shadow of my former self, sure, but better than I expected.  I also did a proper training session on the home wall on Tuesday – a good solid beasting on the wall, the bar, the kettlebells and the ice rig.  One of the nails folded over on the ice rig which made me lose faith in it slightly – still can’t work out why as I bounced off other nails with hardly any flex let alone bending.  I suspect it was a defect in the metal, but I will be triple nailing it this weekend.  I have also ordered a few more jugs for the wall as my homemade plywood ones, whilst being a nice idea, are very tweaky indeed. 

Beastly (and too hard)
I am now in the second week of Focus T25, the time compressed version of Insanity from the BeachBody stable. It’s pretty similar but it’s nice to have a new set of workouts to follow – it won’t be quite as effective as Insanity due to the shorter running time but that combined with more climbing specific work should see me fit for Nor..., I mean, the secret plan.

I heard that 2011/12 had the highest birth rate for forty years. If the number of babies erupting around us is anything to go by, this year will be higher still.

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