Sunday, 7 October 2012

Yet another beginning?

Where has the mojo gone?  I have no idea, but I finally went climbing today for the first time in months and, my, was it pathetic.  Still it's a start.

Then I started the investigations in the outhouse on how the structure can support a climbing wall.  I intended to cut a small section of the plasterboard away, but got rather carried away...

In for a penny... for a pound... for a bazillion squids.

The good news is that the beams go all the way across (for some reason I thought they may be in two halves and meet at that central one) and look well strong enough to support the wall.  So my plan is for the wall to come up from the bottom right to the top middle and then have a (tiny) horizontal roof on the left (in the pic above) - this will also provide a large space for storage behind it.  I am pretty excited about it all (I think more so about building it than using it).  

The bad new is Holly gets home from a weekend away tomorrow to find the mess I have made.

In other news, I have also broken free from iTunes this weekend, dumped all my music and films onto a NAS drive and can now not only stream it around the house, but also the entire planet!  Geek out on that.

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