Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Nick the decorator

First it was the run, then house hunting and preparing for the Games, and now my excuse for not going climbing is that the Olympics have finally begun and we have finally got the house. 

I was lucky enough to get to see the final dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony as Mum was a drummer in it.  I say lucky, but given that I haven’t got a single ticket for the Games perhaps that is the wrong word.  I then went to see the actual ceremony in Hyde Park (which was, I am surprised to say, a bit too quiet to do it justice).  I thought it was bloody brilliant – perfectly pitched to big-up the country and London without appearing obnoxious or trying to directly compete with Beijing, and just as quirky as us Brits really up.  Thumbs up to Danny.  The only downside was having to listen to the poor confused Spanish Glaswegian reggae singer that is Paulo Nuttini in Hyde Park.

Holly and Gran, who climbed up the stadium with ease

A full stadium for a mere rehearsal

Boyle's vision

Other than watching the Games (just saw the end of Sir Bradley of Wiggins kicking some serious ass), I have been in the house, making a bigger mess of the walls.  Its bloody hard work and the satin finish on the paint on wallpaper, under wallpaper, renders the steamer useless so its just a question of slicing it all off.  We have had a few quotes for plastering, ranging from £270 to £650 – what do you go with? £270 does sound too cheap too me.  We are aiming to have the ground floor sorted before we move in, in a few weeks.  Holly says I need to chill out, but its my current obsession so no chance of that – I have five days solid to work on it over the next week, by which point all walls that need stripping will have been done, and hopefully all the plastering done too.  Then painting begins, and then we move in!

I made a mess

Holly spent a whole day cleaning the oven

...and I broke the house.

Who would have thought this blog would have turned into such a domestic borefest?

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