Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Time flies...

...when you are a fat lump.

My recent blogging has been a reflection of my general training attitude – slack.  The house buying and Olympics preparation have been sucking up most of my time, and fostered an attitude of extreme laziness. 

Still, the house is on track and hopefully we’ll be in within a couple of weeks – then the Beastmaker will be promptly erected in an opportune training location (in view of the TV) while I spend my free time cleaning and decorating and not using it anyway.  But a beast, I shall become.

Work is crazy busy.  We are running a 24hr desk to handle emergency road and street works that happen during the Games, and thank the Good Lord of Highways that we started with two weeks run-in time cos we are having the odd teething problem, but its getting better each day.  I even had my first inadventent site visit a couple of nights ago - we saw a contractor dealing with what looked like a water mains leak but Thames Water didn't know anything about it.  On my cycle home I bumped into one of the contractor's vans and asked them - turns out they were replacing telecoms cables but to do so, they have to pump the water out of flooded man-holes.  Who knew? So no leak at all.

I am working evening shifts so can just about get a decent bouldering session in before I start – so I have been three times so far, the most sustained effort in months.  I am not climbing well, but its better than my pull up performance – I managed five yesterday.  I’ll get strong fast though, as long as I keep gaining momentum.

Oh, and I watched the Wimbledon final and cheered for Fed.  He is class, and that is why I am naming the dog after him.

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