Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Shard

Can you believe it?  I had two punctures a couple of weeks ago as the sidewall of my tyre had disintegrated – I can’t complain at that as it had been well over a year since the last, and cycling through London, that’s going some.  So I changed the tyres, replacing them with the same Schwalbe Marathon Plus faithfuls that I regularly sing the praises of.  Then last night, I only went and got a bloody puncture.  Less than 50 miles they had done.  My dreams are in tatters.

That said, when a 7mm spear of metal strikes, I can’t imagine there is a tyre on the planet that would have prevented it.  It must have been karma for me biffing out of climbing last night.

My arch enemy, in the palm of my hand

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